Established 1829

Jeremiah Moss with Neir's owner Loycent Gordon

Susan Neir, the granddaughter of Joe Neir, the bar's original owner


"This is all human capital. It takes time to build up a place like Neir’s, to build a reputation. We cannot allow predatory landlords to decide what happens to these businesses." -Olympia Kazi, NYC Artist Coalition

"[Neir's] was packed three deep again this weekend in crowds [owner] Loycent Gordon said he’d never seen before, both on Friday during the announcement from de Blasio, and on Saturday during a #SaveNYC rally that was previously billed as a farewell. The latter became part-celebration and part-rally for advocates of commercial rent reform; it was organized in part by Jeremiah Moss, who runs the blog Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York. Moss and others were happy for Neir’s, but worried for the future of small businesses in New York."

All photographs by Beatriz Elena Rodriguez © 2020

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