Save Our Studio

"With your support, we can convince our government officials to use one of the surrounding, vacant
 and more fitting properties for the temporary construction staging. Using one of these alternative
 sites would not close small businesses or eliminate jobs, and would allow us to continue to
thrive in Gowanus." -Scott, Laura, and Chris, owners of Eastern Effects

In case you need a reminder of how twisted NYC's land-grab politics can get... The city is attempting to drive out a successful multimillion-dollar business that gainfully employs 230 people, bases all of its operations in Brooklyn, and partners with groups like the Made in NY PA Training Program to train local kids for jobs in the film and TV industry. They city is claiming Eminent Domain, despite the presence of three other suitable, vacant properties immediately surrounding the site. Oh yeah: Did I mention that Eastern currently has a 20-year lease? Suspicious yet?

Politicians talk a big game about "creating jobs" and attracting more TV and Film — an industry that, by the way, brings 8.7 billion dollars into the city, indirectly supports another 20,000 jobs, and is desperate for large, dedicated studio spaces exactly like the ones Eastern currently offers. But the reality is that, too often, viable businesses and community investment take a back seat to good old-fashioned real estate speculation.

The good news is, we can fight this. Right now. Please click the link here to read all
the details and sign the appropriate letter... You have until Tuesday, May 31st to help us.

Text by Leon Chase