Second Avenue Small Business Crawl

Following the tragic explosion on Second Avenue in the East Village on March 27th, New Yorkers once again witnessed the powerful sense of community that is the bedrock of our great city. From the immediate response of police, firefighters, the Red Cross, and key community organizations like the East Village Community Coalition, those affected by the explosion were met with countless resources, support, and compassion that has always been the hallmark of New Yorkers in the face of great tragedy.

In the wake of this terrible event, there remained much more to do. Now more than ever, New Yorkers need to support the economic backbone of the East Village community: small businesses. The local economy and character our neighborhoods has always been upheld by our small businesses, and it is in support of them that #SaveNYC organized a business crawl to show solidarity and financial support for those small businesses in the East Village most affected by the damage and economic fallout of the Second Avenue explosion.

Spend On Second

After a disaster like the Second Avenue explosion and fire, impacted small businesses struggle to survive. Some don’t make it. Especially the old favorites. #SaveNYC is holding a Small Biz Crawl along Second Avenue to bring customers, cash, and attention to those mom-and-pops in need!