Rally Against The Corporate University

"NYU is now an institution driven not by a concern for education, but by an elite financial calculus that ends up hurting all of us in many ways: the students, faculty and staff within the school itself, as well as its long-suffering neighbors. What’s happening at NYU is indicative of a nationwide trend that has turned institutions of higher learning into profit-driven corporations." -Mark Crispin Miller, NYU professor of media

Did you know...

-NYU “creates more student debt than any other nonprofit college or university in the country” (Village Voice)?

-NYU Law is the nation’s 2nd most expensive law school?

-Princeton Review has rated NYU's financial aid "the worst in the United States."

-NYU charges international students $9,392 more than American students, bringing in an extra $100,000?

-Your insurance costs anywhere from $2424 to $3236 with $5000 in-network deductibles and without dental or vision benefits?

-NYU bought two buildings in NoHo for $157 million in October 2014 (which had cost the owner $96.6 million one year earlier)?

-NYU provides Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates a luxury two bedroom at 120 West 15th Street though he has no affiliation at NYU and many students have no housing?

-President Sexton currently makes a base salary of $1,404,484 and will retire with a $2.6 million length of service bonus and $800,000 lifetime annuity? And a $1 million low cost loan for President Sexton’s beach house on Fire Island?

-Did you know that NYU’s Board does not have a single academic member—only Wall Street bankers, lawyers, and elite figures from Abu Dhabi and Shanghai?

-The top 21 administrators make a combined total of $23.5 million dollars (an average raise of 23.3% from 2011 to 2013, while faculty raises average 2.5%)?

-And that the increase alone would have covered tuition for 67 students and saved them between $4.3 and $8.9 million in interest over 15 years?

-That NYU admitted at least 1/3 of the workers (around 10,000 people) who built the Abu Dhabi campus were never paid for their work? And that over 200 workers were summarily imprisoned and then deported for daring to strike to recover their stolen wages?

Join students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members on September 1st to call on NYU to do the right thing, and be a good neighbor and anchor for the sustainable life of our community.

Challah! Por Favor

Beloved East Village landmark B&H Dairy Restaurant, at 127 Second Avenue, was closed since the massive March 26th explosion and fire, which destroyed half of Second Avenue between 7th Street and St. Marks Place. Neighboring restaurants reopened within weeks, but B&H was forced to remain closed due to previously unforeseen upgrades needed on the 70+ year old restaurant (among them was a new exhaust venting to the roof and fire suppression system at a cost of nearly $30,000). Finally after more red tape than thought possible, B&H reopened to much fanfare and happy hungry faces!

Pictured top to bottom: Fawzy Abdelwahed (B&H co-owner), Ms. Florence Bergson Goldberg (daughter of the original
B&H Diary owners), her husband, and current co-owner Aleksandra Abdelwahed. All photographs by Beatriz Elena Rodriguez © 2015