Let's Get Mad!

It's just about spring in NYC and #‎SaveNYC is getting ready for a new season of meeting, greeting, and sharing ideas for taking action to raise awareness and fight for the city's small businesses and cultural institutions.

Winter was tough on our small businesses. Now that the weather is getting better, let's get out there and take action. What do you want to see done? A party or a protest? A cash mob for your favorite struggling business? A cultural event like a reading or art show? You conceive it, put it out to our Facebook group for discussion and networking, and let's make it happen together.

#SaveNYC needs more photos and videos for our main site, and we want to see our sign all over town. We'll be putting out that call to action soon, so think of where you want to see our signs hanging, and what businesspeople you want to feature on film.

Let's get mad, take action, and #SaveNYC!

Text and photo by Jeremiah Moss

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