Monday, May 11, 2015

Rally To Save One Million Homes

As if the rent wasn’t already too damn high, New York City has lost 250,000 units of affordable apartments in the past 10 years. Thanks to NYC’s weak rent laws, landlords are able to de-regulate the rent-stabilized apartments that ensure working families and seniors have a home.

That’s why this May 14th at 5PM in Foley Square, we are joining the biggest tenant mobilization in New York City this year to demand stronger rent laws now. Will you join us? 

While Mayor de Blasio announced the "most sweeping expansion of tenant protections in decades for the city’s 1 million rent-regulated apartments," 2.5 million New Yorkers are still at risk of displacement if our legislators do not pass stronger rent laws this June. If we don’t win stronger rent laws in June, our city as we know it will be lost! This is our last chance to hold onto the place we call home.

Join the March To Save New York City before it’s too late!

Artwork by Eric Drooker.

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